Earlobe Repair

What is Earlobe repair?

Earlobe repair involves treating torn or stretched earlobes.  These could occur from trauma, wearing heavy earrings or large gauge piercings.  Your dermatologic surgeon uses local anesthesia to numb the area, remove the damaged skin and reconstruct the earlobe tissue  so it has a more natural appearance. While you can have the earlobe pierced again, it is recommended to pierce an area that is not scarred after surgery and to avoid heavy or large earrings in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are torn earlobes repaired?

Depending on the degree of damage to your earlobe, there are multiple treatment options.

For mildly stretched earlobes, the simplest option is to inject a small amount of filler, such as Restylane or Belotero, directly below the piercing.  This works to counteract the ‘drooping’ effect and gives temporary improvement. This can last from 6-12 months on average.

For more severe stretching, a quick and easy surgical procedure is recommended.  Surgical repair involves the application of a local anesthetic, excision of the damaged tissue, and repair of the treatment area with sutures.  This doesn’t mean the end of earrings for you.  After it has healed, you can re-pierce your ear and have a fresh start.

Finally, for fully split or torn earlobes, surgical repair is the only recommended course.  But don’t fret – it’s hardly any more invasive than the treatment for stretching.  Using a local anesthetic, we remove the damaged tissue on the inside of the tear and carefully suture both sides to fully restore your earlobe’s normal look.

How can a ripped earlobe be repaired?

Ripped earlobes can be repaired in a minor surgery that takes less than an hour. The skin areas between the split is removed, and the earlobe tissue is then sutured together. The stitches are taken out a week later.

Is earlobe repair covered by insurance?

Earlobe repair is considered a cosmetic procedure so it generally isn’t covered by health insurance.


Earlobe repair is currently priced at $900 per location that needs repair.

How long does earlobe repair take to heal?

The stitches are removed about a week after your procedure.  After this , the area should is healed at about eight weeks later.

Will a split earlobe repair itself?

Unfortunately, split earlobes cannot repair themselves.  After the earlobe tears, scar tissue forms. This scar tissue is removed in the earlobe repair procedure.


How long should I wait before re-piercing my ears?

For fully split or torn earlobes, at least three months of recovery are recommended before re-piercing.

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