Dermaplaning: Youthful, Glowing Skin in a Matter of Minutes

dermaplaning of a woman's face with scalpel

One look in the mirror and we could recognize some peach fuzz – those unwanted fine hairs that sprout on our chins and jawlines. Plucking or waxing may help. But if you’re in need of a safe, painless solution, look no further than dermaplaning. 

Using a medical-grade scalpel, dermaplaning removes unwanted hair and improves the texture of your skin. A common concern is that the shaving process can make the hairs grown back darker and longer. This “old wives’ tale” is simply not true. Your genes determine how fast and thick your hair grows.

Dermaplaning goes a step further than hair removal. It takes off tiny layers of dead skin cells, helping you to exfoliate. This makes your skin look and feel more refreshed. Dermaplaning takes less than 30 minutes and makes an excellent lunchtime cosmetic procedure. 

Isn’t dermaplaning the same as shaving your face?

While the concept is the same, the application is different. Both use blades to remove hair. However, a surgical blade can give a more precise shave. Furthermore, it removes dead skin cells. That said, you should not attempt dermaplaning at home. A certified professional, like an aesthetician should perform the procedure to minimize any risk. 

Benefits of Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning has a few benefits that you’ll enjoy in just one session. For starters, it helps create a smooth canvas for better absorption of skincare products, making them more effective. Makeup application is also easier on smoother skin surfaces.

Long-term skin benefits

The amazing benefits of dermaplaning last a long time and extend beyond removing peach fuzz. Dermaplaning removes hair that can trap bacteria and worsen acne. It also evens out tone and texture in people with dry, rough skin by speeding up skin cell turnover. Best of all, dermaplaning can combine with other treatments like chemical peels. As a result, this leads to enhanced results.

A non-chemical approach

There are patients who prefer natural facial treatments. This could be either for personal reasons or health reasons. Dermplaning provides great results without the risk of chemicals. It’s an alternative for people who cannot tolerate chemical exfoliation or peels. It’s also an option for pregnant or nursing women. As a result, chemicals are not absorbed through the skin.

A lunchtime-cosmetic procedure

Looking for a quick skincare treatment to make you feel your best? Check your dermatologist on your lunch hour for a dermaplaning session. The procedure takes less than 30 minutes and there is no downtime. So you can go back to your normal activities right away.

Are there any side effects?

People with sensitive skin may have a negative reaction like skin irritation. If you have acne or other skin conditions like rosacea, you should be especially careful.  Dermaplaning does not hurt at all, and it feels similar to shaving. 

Options to Dermaplaning:

If dermaplaning is not right for you, there are some other dermatologist-approved treatments that can bring similar (or better) results. 

Chemical peels:

This in-office procedure uses alpha and beta-hydroxy acids to break the bonds between the surface skin cells, thus increasing cellular turnover. A compound is applied via a mask and peeled off to reveal fresh new layers. Another difference is that chemical peels cause visible skin peeling. This peeling lasts from  1 day to up to 2 weeks.


Is similar to dermaplaning in that they are both forms of manual exfoliation. While the dermaplaning procedure uses a scalpel, microdermabrasion uses a diamond-tipped wand. These crystals lightly scrub off the surface layer to reveal smooth skin. This is not only useful on peach fuzz but dark spots, wrinkles, and even superficial scars. 


Retinol is a highly-regarded vitamin A derivative. It’s known to brighten dull skin, reduce wrinkles, and clear up the signs of dark spots. Retinol Is a topical serum medication that is applied by the patient at home. The compound slows down your skin’s aging by increasing cell turnover but it usually takes a few weeks to see effects.

Ready for smoother skin?

Dermaplaning is a virtually pain-free method to get glowing skin, even after your first session. It’s a natural method to clean off your dead skin cells that are hiding your amazing complexion underneath. At Eternal Dermatology, you get access to a wide range of transformative skin services like dermaplaning. To learn more about dermaplaning and if it is right for you, call us at (301) 679-5772 or book online now.


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