Can You Combine Chemical Peels With Other Treatments?

At Eternal Dermatology + Aesthetics in Fulton, MD, we offer chemical exfoliation treatments to help our Baltimore, MD, area patients uncover healthier and younger-looking skin while treating the most common skin imperfections. The right chemical peel can transform your skin and even enhance the results of your at-home skin care regimen and other professional cosmetic treatments. Whether you want to achieve brighter skin or address more advanced skin concerns, we can design the right customized treatment plan for you.

Can You Combine a Chemical Peel With Other Treatments?

A customized chemical peel can be combined with other anti-aging treatments so that patients can achieve enhanced results. While you may not be able to schedule multiple treatments on the same day as your peel to avoid irritating your skin and ensure that the skin heals well, we can design a comprehensive treatment plan with peels and other anti-aging or skin-perfecting treatments to help you achieve all of your cosmetic or aging-related goals.

When you come into our Baltimore, MD, area office for your initial consultation, we can evaluate your skin and listen to your concerns to determine which of our treatments can meet your needs, address your skin imperfections, or help you achieve different goals. Then, we can design a treatment plan that includes the right chemical peel and other cosmetic treatments and schedule them accordingly.

The Benefits of Combining Peels With Other Cosmetic Treatments

One of the benefits of combining peels with other cosmetic treatments is that they can enhance and even maximize the results. A chemical peel is very effective on its own and will deliver visible results after just one treatment. However, a peel can also prepare the skin before other cosmetic treatments to maximize the results.


Neuromodulators are cosmetic injectables designed to treat expression lines. Chemical peels and neuromodulation treatments can be combined for enhanced results. Peels will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and promote optimal skin health. They can fill in the gaps left by neuromodulators because injectable neurotoxins can minimize expression lines, but they can’t give you healthier skin.

Combining peels and neuromodulators, like BOTOX, Dysport, XEOMIN, or Jeuveau, can be the perfect solution for patients who want to improve skin health and eliminate expression lines.

Dermal Fillers

Peels can also be combined with dermal filler injections. Dermal fillers are designed to enhance the appearance by filling in hollow areas, smoothing lines and wrinkles that have developed due to volume loss, and augmenting different features. However, like neuromodulators, they can address aging and cosmetic concerns, but they can’t give you better skin.

Combining a chemical peel with a dermal filler treatment plan can help you restore volume to different areas and achieve brighter and healthier-looking skin for optimal treatment results.


Microneedling is a collagen induction therapy treatment that encourages the body to increase natural collagen and elastin production while also increasing the skin’s cellular turnover rate. It’s a skin rejuvenating treatment that’s completely natural but delivers visible and long-lasting results. Combining peels with a microneedling treatment plan can maximize the treatment outcome so patients achieve the best possible results.

A chemical peel a few weeks before a microneedling treatment can prepare the skin for treatment, eliminating the dead skin cells from the surface layers. Then, when you undergo microneedling, the device can better penetrate the skin for ideal results.

Laser Treatments

We can also combine peels with laser treatments. As with microneedling, a peel before your scheduled laser treatment can prepare your skin by exfoliating the dead skin cell barrier so that when you undergo the laser treatment, it can address your concerns for maximized results.

Peels As Standalone Treatments

While you can combine peels with other cosmetic and anti-aging treatments, you will achieve visible results without them. When scheduled as a standalone treatment, a peel can address and correct the most common signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles, while also improving the appearance of acne or general facial scars, healing acne, and stimulating natural collagen and elastin production to improve skin health.

Peels promote radiant and younger-looking skin and contribute to skin health by eliminating dead or damaged skin cells and creating a uniform skin texture and tone.

Am I a Good Candidate?

At Eternal Dermatology, we offer three different strength peels to meet the needs of our Baltimore, MD, area patients. Our treatment options include superficial, medium-depth, and deep peels. The right peel for you will depend on different factors, including the skin conditions you want to treat, your skin type, and your ultimate treatment goals.

A pre-treatment consultation is the best way to learn more about our peels, and then we can determine which one is right for you. We can also review our other skincare treatment with you to determine if you would benefit from combining your peel with another treatment.

Experience the Benefits of a Baltimore, MD, Area Chemical Peel

A chemical peel is a simple yet effective professional treatment that will initiate a skin transformation. Contact us today at Eternal Dermatology + Aesthetics in Fulton, MD, to schedule your initial consultation so we can design a treatment plan with the right peel to help you achieve beautiful skin.

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