Why you should entrust your skincare to a board-certified dermatologist

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With advances in technology, there are a lot of skin and beauty providers that offer skincare and other medical treatments. Still, the expertise from a board-certified dermatologist can ensure a safe and effective outcome for both medical and cosmetic procedures.

 The question is, is it necessary to look for a board-certified dermatologist to assist you with your concerns? 

Let’s explain the role of your dermatologist and what you can gain from entrusting your skin wellness to them.


Who Is A Dermatologist And What Do They Treat?

Many people seek the help of a dermatologist in diagnosing and managing issues that involve skin, hair, nails, and mucous membrane. 

A dermatologist is a medical doctor who is trained in the diagnosis and treatment of skin, hair, and nail disorders. People often go to dermatologists for acne, cysts, mole checks, rashes, dandruff, hair loss, warts or skin cancer. Furthermore, dermatologists are the  experts in cosmetic procedures like botox, fillers chemical peels, microdermabrasion, microneedling, laser hair removal, laser skin rejuvenation, and anti-aging.

Whether you need medical, surgical or cosmetic assistance, your dermatologist can help.

To become a board-certified dermatologist, you have to undergo formal training and education that includes your undergraduate pre-medical degree, medical school, internship, and a specialized dermatology residency training. After a minimum of twelve years of study, you dermatologists acquire additional licensing through board exams, which must be renewed every few years. 

With a wealth of training and knowledge in your corner, rest assured you’ll be getting the best possible help for your skin concerns.


How Can A Board-Certified Dermatologist Help Versus Another Skincare Provider?


When you say “board-certified dermatologist”, it means that person has undergone extensive training that certifies them to be a Medical Doctor with expertise in dermatology. There are several other types of practitioners working in spas and beauty clinics. Most don’t have formal education about dermatology but claim to have sufficient knowledge in treating different kinds of skin conditions. They may even have portfolios “claiming” that they can perform the duties of a certified dermatologist.


But is it recommended to ask for help from another skincare provider? 


Some people don’t mind asking help from a skincare provider even though they are not a certified dermatologist They expect the person to know what they are doing. 

You cannot blame them, especially if they are on a budget because those practitioners typically charge less for their services. However, when it comes to skin health, it is always best to see a doctor that safely gives you long-term benefits.

A skin and beauty provider that is not a board-certified dermatologist may know your concerns, but there is no assurance they can perform the right procedure. For example, if your problem is about acne, a non-certified dermatologist may just give you a surface-level treatment.

When it comes to a board-certified dermatologist, they’ll require you do undergo examinations to check if there are underlying issues in your body that need to be addressed to lessen or remove your acne completely.  

In a nutshell, choosing the services offered by a board-certified dermatologist will give you peace of mind because they will make sure that the diagnosis of your condition has a basis that leads to proper and accurate treatment.


Benefits of Seeking Help From A Board-Certified Dermatologist

  • They have extensive training experience. Dermatologist passes through thousands of hours of hands on training, seminars, conferences, examinations etc. before they can become a board-certified dermatologist. They have mastered all aspects that cover their line of duty. Since they are knowledgable, they can effectively educate you about care, maintenance, and prevention of skin diseases, and they can explain your condition in detail.
  • They can help identify underlying health problems. Experts say that you can tell if a person suffers from a health condition through their skin. Most skin and hair problems are caused by genetics and hormonal imbalances, but, in some cases, it could be a sign of an internal disease. Your dermatologist will perform tests to help you figure this out. 
  • They can help create a custom treatment plan. In dermatology, there are different kinds of treatments that you can use like topicals or oral medications, or surgery. When you would seek help from a dermatologist, they can give you the best options for your diagnosis.

Tips In Choosing For The Best Dermatologist 

  • Check their credentials

In choosing for a dermatologist, the number one factor to consider is their credentials. Be sure that you are entrusting your skin concerns to a professional that has a medical degree. You may need to determine where they obtained their degree and what their specialty is. Dermatology board certifications are essential because it will serve as proof that they are licensed to practice as a dermatologist, and not another type of doctor. 

  • Range of services

It is best to choose a dermatologist skilled in all medial, surgical, or cosmetics. There are instances that the service that you initially choose may be cosmetics, but based on examinations, you need to undergo surgery. Hence, there’s no need for you to find other specialists, thus, saving time, effort, and energy. Dermatologists that offer a wide range of services make use of the latest state-of-the-art technologies- This means that you will receive the best care.

  • Take time to read reviews from previous clients

For you to have an idea about how a particular dermatologist performs their services, you may check their social media pages or website. Here, previous clients leave feedback about their overall experience.

  • Location

Aside from the satisfaction that you may get from their services, you also need to consider if it is convenient to go to their clinic. Look for a practice that is accessible so you won’t have a hard time visiting them. This makes long-term or frequent visits easier and convenient.

Here’s a quick FAQ list:

What education is needed to become a dermatologist?

A board-certified dermatologist has:

  • Completed undergraduate education /Bachelors degree
  • Finished Medical School
  • A license to practice medicine
  • Completed a 1 year internship
  • Completed a 3 year dermatology residency
  • Passed the dermatology board exam


How many years of school does it take to become a dermatologist?

On average, it takes at least 12 years of expert training to become a dermatologist:

  • 4 years Bachelors degree
  • 4 years of medical school
  • 1 year internship, and
  • 3 years dermatology residency


How do I know if my dermatologist is board-certified?

Look for “FAAD” after your dermatologist’s name.  FAAD stands for “Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology.”

Also, you can check your dermatologist’s website to verify that he or she has been certified by the:

-American Board of Dermatology

American Osteopathic Board of Dermatology

-Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

Be wary of certifications from any other organizations.


How to find a board-certified dermatologist near you:

Go to https://find-a-derm.aad.org/ and enter your zip code to see a list of board-certified dermatologists practicing in your area.

Aesthetics are important. We all care how we look. But while many healthcare providers offer aesthetic procedures, only the expertise of a board-certified dermatologist can ensure the best cosmetic outcome, based on an in-depth understanding of the skin and face on a cellular level. Knowledge of the anatomy of the face, skin, and body, also ensures that the safest techniques are chosen based on your individual needs. Choose quality. Choose Eternal Skin Health.



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