Surgical Site Care Instructions

  1. Keep the initial dressing in place and dry for 24 hours.

  1. If the wound starts to bleed, apply continuous pressure on the area for 15 minutes without removing the bandage. Change the dressing when bleeding stops.

  1. You may shower or bathe with the old bandage or dressing on after the initial 24 hours and then change the dressing.

  1. Change the dressing once a day using the following methods:

    1. Wash your hands before and after changing the dressing.

    2. Clean the affected area gently with warm water and a gentle cleanser using Q-tips to remove any crusting on the wound or along the suture line.

    3. Dry the area with gauze and apply vaseline or aquaphor using a Q-tip.

    4. Cover with gauze or non-stick pad and paper tape. A bandaid can be used if the wound is small.

  1. For pain, take extra strength Tylenol until stitches are removed.  Do not take aspirin, aspirin containing products, advil, motrin or ibuprofen which may cause bleeding.

  2. Return to our office in 7 days if on face or 14 days if on body or suture removal.

  1. If your wound becomes increasingly red, warm, painful, begins to drain, or if you develop a fever of 101˚F or greater, please contact us.

  2. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office.

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