Masseter Botox: What Is It And How Can It Transform Your Face Shape?

masseter botox

Transform your jawline with Masseter Botox


The events of recent years have caused unprecedented levels of stress to many. Pandemic aside, we’re all experiencing high levels of work, financial, and social stress. This unconsciously results in teeth grinding and jaw clenching, leading to a condition called Bruxism. One of the treatments for this condition that has been gaining popularity is Masseter Botox injections. 


Masseter Botox is a cosmetic procedure that has gained popularity in recent years primarily because of its ability to relieve teeth grinding and the associated tension and headaches. However, it also has unexpected cosmetic benefits, which makes it a sought-after treatment to change the shape of one’s face. But first, let’s understand what masseter muscle is.


The Masseter Muscle and Its Function

The masseter muscle is the thick, powerful muscle at the back of your jaw. It extends from the zygomatic arch (cheekbone) to the lower border of the mandible (lower jawbone). The masseter muscle is also the strongest muscle in the human body relative to its size. It has a thick and powerful appearance and comprises two main parts: the superficial masseter and the deep masseter.


Its primary function is to move your jaw up and down during chewing, but it can also play a significant role in the shape of your face. They work in conjunction with other muscles, such as the temporalis muscle, to elevate and close the mandible. This action is essential for biting, clenching, and maintaining the stability of the jaw. The result is that the muscle has a say in your overall facial aesthetic.


It also contributes to the shape and contour of the lower face, particularly in the region of the jawline. A well-developed masseter muscle can provide a strong and defined appearance to the lower face. An overly prominent or hypertrophied masseter muscle can result in a square-shaped or “chubby” jawline.


What is Masseter Botox?

Masseter Botox is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that involves injecting Botulinum Toxin Type A (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, Juveau ) into the masseter muscles located at the angle of the jaw. As such, unlike traditional Botox treatments for wrinkles and fine lines, Masseter Botox requires larger doses of Botox and deeper injections to reach the masseter muscles. This treatment ultimately results in the relaxation of overactive jaw muscles. This leads to a slimmer and more angular facial structure and reduces any associated tension and discomfort. 



#1 Relief from symptoms of Bruxism

Masseter Botox can provide relief from the painful and uncomfortable symptoms of Bruxism. This condition causes involuntary teeth clenching, jaw pain, headaches, and tooth damage. It can reduce or eliminate these symptoms by relaxing the overactive masseter muscles.


#2 Reduction of facial pain and tension

In addition to relieving Bruxism symptoms, it can also reduce facial tension and pain associated with stress. The relaxation of the masseter muscles can help relieve any excessive stress or tension in this area, leading to an overall improvement in facial pain and discomfort.


#3 Enhanced facial aesthetics

Along with its therapeutic benefits, the procedure can also enhance the overall appearance of your face. The treatment can help create a more defined and slim facial structure, leading to a more attractive look. Furthermore, Masseter Botox can be combined with other treatments like dermal fillers to improve overall facial harmony and balance.


#4 Treatment for mandibular and condylar bone fractures

Masseter Botox can also be used as an adjunct treatment in some cases of mandibular and condylar bone fractures. Research has shown that injecting Botulinum Toxin Type A into the masseter and temporalis muscles after surgical reduction of mandibular and condylar bone fractures can provide additional patient benefits.


#5 Treatment for temporomandibular disorders

Last but not least, Masseter Botox has also been found to be effective in resolving pain and tenderness in temporomandibular disorders (TMDs). These conditions usually lead to jaw pain, facial pain, and discomfort.  There are various types of TMDs, and Masseter Botox can benefit patients. By injecting doses ranging from 25 to 150 units of Botox into the temporalis and masseter muscles, patients have recorded significantly decreased pain with improved function and mouth opening.


What to expect during Masseter Botox procedure

Before undergoing Masseter Botox, it is crucial to schedule a consultation with a qualified healthcare professional specializing in facial aesthetics or dermatology. At Eternal Dermatology + Aesthetics, for instance, we see both walk-in and scheduled clients for Botox procedures. During this consultation, we will assess your individual needs, evaluate your facial structure, and discuss your goals and expectations. Additionally, we will discuss factors like cost and maintenance so that you can get the best out of your procedure.


We will examine your masseter muscles, evaluate any signs of hypertrophy or muscle tension, and determine the appropriate dosage and injection sites for Botox treatment. We will also discuss the potential outcomes, risks, and limitations associated with the procedure.


Preparing for Masseter Botox


On the day of the procedure (which can also be the same day as the consultation), we will prepare you for the Masseter Botox injections. Typically, no special preparation is required beforehand, but it is advisable to arrive with a clean face, free of makeup or skincare products. We will clean the area and apply a topical numbing agent to the jawline. We will then use a fine needle to inject the botulinum toxin-A into specific areas of the face identified beforehand.


The procedure is relatively short, taking about 30-60 minutes to complete. The short procedure is a plus for patients with limited time, and many patients come in on their lunch break or day off.  After a few minutes, the patient can leave the office. Some patients may need additional procedures to see the best results. The number of recommended treatments will depend on factors such as the severity of masseter hypertrophy and the desired level of facial slimming. Typically, treatments are spaced approximately three to six months apart.


What are the side effects of Masseter Botox?

Masseter Botox is a minimally invasive injection, meaning there is minimal discomfort. The injections are well tolerated by patients. The topical numbing agent reduces any pain or discomfort commonly associated with needles. After the procedure, however, some patients will experience mild side effects. These include mild swelling, redness, or bruising at the injection sites. These side effects are expected and will go away within a few days.


Severe side effects or allergic reactions are very rare. If you have continued pain or discomfort, contact your dermatologist or doctor right away for the next possible steps.


How long is Masseter Botox recovery?


The recovery process following Masseter Botox is generally quick. Most individuals can resume their daily activities immediately after the treatment. However, it is advised to avoid strenuous exercise, excessive facial manipulation, and lying down flat for a few hours post-treatment. Excessive facial manipulation, rubbing, or lying down can shift the Botox out of place, leading to poor results.



Who Is A Good Candidate?

Good candidates for Masseter Botox are individuals with bulky or square-shaped jawlines due to an overactive masseter muscle or muscle hypertrophy. This can be caused by various factors, including genetics, teeth grinding or clenching, or the overuse of chewing gum. People with TMD disorders are also great candidates for the procedure. These candidates want to try non-invasive options first before turning to surgery.


Ideal candidates are also healthy patients who are looking to achieve a slimmer, defined jawline. These candidates have noticed changes in their appearance or facial structure and are looking for non-surgical solutions to improve their facial aesthetics.


Individuals seeking this treatment must have realistic expectations and understand that Masseter Botox will not change the skeletal structure of their jaw. In addition, those with a history of neuromuscular disorders or allergies to Botox should avoid this treatment. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should delay Botox injections out of an abundance of caution. 



Is Masseter Botox Right for You?

If you want to achieve a more defined and slim facial structure or seek relief from conditions like Bruxism, Masseter Botox may be a suitable treatment option. However, it is important to consult a licensed medical professional to evaluate your needs and determine if Masseter Botox is the proper treatment. It should also be noted that Masseter Botox may not be suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women or individuals with certain medical conditions.


The Masseter Botox injections may cause some temporary side effects, such as mild swelling or discomfort at the injection site, but these are typically mild and subside within a few days. Overall, Masseter Botox is a safe and effective procedure that can provide aesthetic benefits and relief from certain medical conditions


If you’re interested in the procedure, all you need to do is:


  • Find a reputable practice: At Eternal Dermatology + Aesthetics, our board-certified cosmetic dermatologist provides a range of cosmetic procedures, including Botox.
  • Schedule a consultation: We provide consultations and Botox sessions through our website. Click here to schedule your session if you’re near the Baltimore, Maryland, or DMV areas. We are the premier providers of Botox in Maryland and DC.
  • Explore your options: Our dermatologists and medical practitioners will provide sound advice and a range of treatment options to improve your facial aesthetics. From there, you can schedule multiple sessions to put our plan into action.
  • Enjoy the benefits: Over time, you’ll see a tighter, smoother jawline that will skyrocket your confidence and turn heads. You get all the benefits without invasive procedures or looking ‘overdone.’

Remember, the journey to a more confident and harmonious appearance starts with taking that first step. Let’s help you achieve that fantastic movie star jawline with a safe, effective Masseter Botox procedure.

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