How Often Should You Get Chemical Peels?

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When our skin glows, we feel beautiful. When our skin is dull, with clogged pores and dead skin cells that need to be removed, we look and feel quite the opposite. If you are starting to feel that your skin looks dull and clogged even though you’re doing all the right things, chemical peels could be the answer. At Eternal Dermatology in Fulton, MD, we offer a variety of peels so that you can address your precise skin concerns.

How Often Should You Get Chemical Peels?

There are several types of chemical peels, and the type of peel you choose, as well as your skin and your goals, will determine how often you can have a peel.

One of the best things about getting a chemical peel is that these treatments are so customizable. Come talk to us and we can help you understand what peel is right for your needs and also how often treatment will benefit you. There are three types of general peels: light, medium, and deep:

Light Peels

Light peels use vitamins and very mild acids to remove the top layer of skin, like especially excellent exfoliation. This reveals the fresh layer of skin underneath, encourages your skin to engage in healthy cell turnover, and gives results that topical skin care products cannot. You can usually schedule these peels every month, and getting them regularly will keep your face looking bright and fresh.

Medium Peels

Medium peels are designed for slightly bigger skin problems and offer more dramatic results than light peels. They use stronger acids to go deeper into the skin, which allows them to address things like acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and other more significant issues.

Because these peels go deeper, it’s important to give your skin plenty of time to recover between them. You will need more than a month, in most cases, before your skin is ready for another treatment. And it’s not just a matter of letting your skin heal: getting this type of peel again too quickly would just be a waste. It’s most effective when there are serious issues that need to be addressed, and the previous peel will have removed those issues.

Deep Peels

Deep peels are very strong and reach down to the deepest layers of our skin. These peels should only be used every few years at the most. A deep chemical peel may not be right for you, depending on your skin tone and color, and this is only for those with significant skin issues. These peels also take the longest to recover from.

That said, for the right person and the right skin issues, a deep peel is a magnificent solution. The results are well worth it, and after a few months, you may want to start scheduling a series of light peels to maintain those results.


How Do Chemical Peels Work?

Chemical peels work through exfoliation. Instead of exfoliating your skin with a rough cloth or another mechanical device, with a peel, you are exfoliating with chemicals. That might sound scary at first, but it’s actually safer for your skin than aggressive mechanical exfoliation.

With all the dead skin cells removed, your face will be bright and your skin tone will be more even. After your chemical peel, your skin will continue to improve over time and you will enjoy the results for quite a while.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

A chemical peel offers fast improvements. You can expect to see results,, with continuing improvements over the following weeks.  When we meet you for your initial consultation, we will discuss what results you can expect.

Which Peel Is Right for Me?

To decide which peel is best for you, we look at the condition of you skin, consider your goals. If you’ve never had a peel before, a light peel is probably the best place to start. Medium peels are often best for those who have tried light peels but want stronger results. A deep peel is best for those with significant skin damage or deep wrinkles.

Can I Do This at Home?

It is easy to find at-home chemical peels online. However, these are not nearly as effective as an in-office treatment by a professional. These peels typically use such mild ingredients that they are basically ineffective.

See Which Peel Is Right for You!

If you’re looking to take your skin to the next level,  ramp up your skincare routine with a chemical peel. Just schedule your initial consultation with us, and we’ll help you. We help you understand your options, and learn about what the peels can do for you specifically. We help you attain all your skincare goals. Visit us at Eternal Dermatology in Fulton, MD today to talk to a professional and get started.  Schedule Here

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