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Eczema Skincare – Dry Sensitive Skin


1. Apply all topical medications and lotions to damp skin. Damp skin absorbs medication better and leaves skin moisturized.


2. Use mild soaps (ex. Unscented Dove White BAR, Cetaphil, Aveeno, Purpose, Neutrogena) when taking showers or baths.


3. Use lukewarm water (not hot) when taking baths or showers. Hot water strips moisture from the skin leaving it feeling dry and itchy.


4. Keep skin moisturized with lotions and creams (ex. La Roche-Posay, Elta cream, Eucerin Calming/Smoothing lotion or cream, Aveeno cleanser lotion, Cetaphil restoraderm lotion,vanicream, Lubriderm, Clinical therapy lotion, Vaseline or Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion). Remember to apply to DAMP skin.


5. When having problems with severe itching take Aveeno oatmeal baths one or two times a day.


6. DO NOT use fabric softener when laundering clothes, Fabric softeners contain perfume which can irritate the skin.


7. Use “free” detergents when laundering clothes such as ALL free or Cheer Free laundry detergent. These detergents are free from perfumes, lanolins, and ingredients that may irritate the skin.


8. Use a cool mist humidifier in rooms that are stuffy or hot, and in the bedroom when sleeping, Humidifiers help keep moisture in the air.


9. Try not to scratch. The more you scratch the more you itch. Try to break the cycle. For small babies or children putting socks on the hands may be beneficial. Older children or adults try frozen gel packs or frozen vegetable bags for 3 minutes on and off.


10.Use prescribed medications AS DIRECTED. Keep follow up appointments with your doctor or dermatologist



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