Where Do People Usually Get Botox?

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If you’re looking to undergo treatment with Botox in Baltimore, we can help. At Eternal Dermatology and Aesthetics in Fulton, MD, we offer Botox treatments that can smooth lines and wrinkles and enhance the appearance in different ways. If you look and feel older and more tired than you are, this treatment is a simple solution to aging that delivers natural and long-lasting results.

Where Do People Usually Get Botox in Baltimore?

Botox in Baltimore is a popular cosmetic injectable that can treat multiple signs of aging in different areas of the face.  As the most well known cosmetic injectable, FDA-approved to address the most areas of all injectables. It can smooth frown lines between the eyebrows, forehead lines, and crow’s feet at the outer corners of the eyes.

It also has some off-label uses, including softening the appearance of the chin and jawline, smoothing out lines on the neck and décolletage, erasing bunny lines, treating jowls, and even reducing the appearance of a gummy smile. Botox can also be injected into the area above the lip to perform a lip flip, a treatment that relaxes muscles to naturally augment the lips without the use of dermal fillers to do so.

Medical Uses

Botox also has some medical uses and is most commonly used to treat hyperhidrosis, a condition in which patients experience excessive sweating from the underarms, not just during activity but also while at rest. Injections into the armpits can relax those muscles and block sweat glands to lessen the amount of sweat output long-term.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work?

Botox is an effective injectable because it relaxes the muscles responsible for wrinkles and other signs of aging. As a cosmetic treatment, it provides an effective and long-lasting way to smooth different expression lines that form on the upper half of the face while also treating some other aesthetic imperfections by relaxing certain muscles.

The injectable contains an active ingredient called botulinum toxin A. This ingredient is a highly purified protein that relaxes muscles and blocks communication between nerve signals and the brain for different aesthetic purposes.

What Happens During Treatment?

Before your treatment, we will conduct an initial consultation. We will ask you some questions about your health history and any past experience with neuromodulators. Our goal is to find out more about your desired treatment area, answer any questions about this product, and determine your treatment eligibility.

Once we confirm that this injectable will safely address your problem areas, we can create a comprehensive treatment plan and address each area of concern. Whether you want to treat one area with expression lines or address multiple cosmetic issues, we can custom-tailor your treatment plan accordingly.

Your Injections

Some patients request pre-treatment numbing cream, while others do not. We can determine the best plan of action before your treatment to ensure your comfort. Injections are administered with a very fine needle, and the process takes less than 20 minutes from start to finish. After your treatment is over, you can go about your day as usual.

Post-Treatment Instructions

Botox is often referred to as a lunchtime injectable because the process is quick and doesn’t require significant downtime. However, we do ask that patients follow some post-treatment instructions to ensure the best possible results. It’s important that you avoid elevating your body temperature for the first 24 hours. This includes strenuous workouts or activities, using a hot tub, sauna, or steam room, or even spending too much time in a hot environment.

It’s also important that you keep your head elevated for several hours post-treatment. Avoid touching the injection sites, and avoid using anti-inflammatory supplements and medications. These may thin your blood and cause bleeding in the skin. You’ll receive complete and detailed post-care instructions after your treatment, and following these instructions is key to a quick recovery and the best possible results.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

Anyone who wants to improve their appearance by smoothing lines and wrinkles. Or anyone addressing cosmetic imperfections makes a good candidate for Botox. Pregnant and nursing women will not qualify for treatment. Neither will those who are allergic to any ingredient in the injectable. Our pre-treatment consultation is designed to narrow down treatment eligibility to ensure that Botox is a safe option for you.

When Will I See the Results?

It can take a week for the best results to appear. However, some patients will see their lines and wrinkles begin to fade sooner. Final results appear within 30 days of a treatment. This is because it takes a little time for the active ingredient to relax muscles in the treatment area.

How Long Will My Results Last?

Once you achieve your results, you can expect them to last anywhere from three to four months. In some cases, patients may experience long-lasting results for up to six months. It all depends on how your body processes the ingredients in the product. On average, you can expect to schedule follow-up treatments to maintain your results every three to four months.

Perfect Your Appearance With Botox

If you’re ready for Botox in Baltimore, we will create a treatment plan addressing each area of concern. Contact us today at Eternal Dermatology and Aesthetics in Fulton, MD, to learn more.

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